According to research, mental health has been on the rise since the dawn of this pandemic. The fact that we’ve been limited from our social life and other normality’s and a few are unable to accept change, depression now goes on the rise.Human beings have been known to be social creatures, we all need each other to survive, and now that we’ve been forced to go on lockdown, and we're limited to social gatherings, travelling etc, it has brought about some challenges within us.The anxiety that has been brought about by these changes has affected most of us in one way or the other. Either knowingly or unknowingly, the change of things to the new normal has left the majority of us being afraid of the uncertainty of the future. However, communication holds a crucial role to ensure that your mental wellbeing is on track, engaging in countless activities like taking walks, talking with your loved ones, reading or enjoying the hobbies that you like. Occupying your mind in different activiti…


So many times I've heard people say inaccurate views about their body. Recently, as I was doing my usual shopping for new clothes, two ladies we're shopping for some jeans and I heard one say "nothing looks good on her" she complained about how she looked fat and I could only imagine how many of us have the same kind of thought about ourselves. Many people especially women have had at one point in their lives encountered this kind of doubt about themselves and their bodies. This kind of body insecurities lead to most of us having low self-esteem and to continually view ourselves in a very negative way. Most of the times how we see ourselves might not be the way others see us, and if we are not careful we end up avoiding certain activities or going to particular places or wearing a certain type of clothes. I believe beauty and fashion don't know any size or shape, fashion is meant to enhance our personality and even express who we are and we can't do that from a p…


With all the time spent indoors, it's important to stay purposeful by taking care of ourselves. We can worry too much and forget about the little things that make our minds and bodies feel good. So today I decided to share with you a few simple quarantine checklist to ensure that your well being is on check. 1. Find one thing that you are grateful for each day - Above all, write it down. That's one way to find peace, if we fill our hearts with gratitude, it improves our quality of lives. Always dwell on the good things rather than complaining, as we hope for better days. 2. Sleep - Make sure you get time to rest and relax. Sleep enables your body to feel rest and feels good each day. 3. Water - Make sure you hydrate your body, it reduces the risk of headache and other illnesses. 4. Talk to someone - You might have gone on self-isolation solo, make sure no day goes by without talking to someone, be it family or people you care about, talk, laugh and share with them your deepest thoug…


Hello beautiful people, looking at the fact that you woke up to a beautiful day is one fortunate thing that life has to offer. The gift of life is something that we often overlook because of how stressful our responsibilities can be, and therefore we tend to forget that we need to take life less easy. Life is beautiful but can sometimes be tough, therefore today am sharing seven daily strategies that help live the happy and best life.
These are tops that you can immediately implement and more importantly in order for you to live your best life it means that you take life positively. Let's her started on those tips, shall we? 1. Start your day with positive intentions - Starting your day with a positive note is really important. Start your day with the hope that things are going to be better than the day before. 2. Be grateful - Gratitude is the most important thing to do in this beautiful thing we call life. Gratitude helps us become more appreciative of what we already have, the more…


Let's talk about protective hairstyle. With all the sweating that comes from working out. Wig or braids are not a perfect idea to put on your head right now, while still growing you're now, it is important to choose a suitable hairstyle that won't ruin your hair. The fact being that majority of us have come to start doing exercise daily now, or more often than we used to cos we now have more time away from work, that doesn't mean we can neglect our hair or stop exercising. I personally decided to have an easy work out friendly hairstyle since am more active than before. Hair that is easy to maintain when I exercise every day. Having braids on might not be a good idea as sweating can accumulate dirt and if you don't wash, it becomes smelly which means you must replace your braids regularly and as the times call for a few pence saving and avoiding too much spending, saving is the way to go so that's not a good idea. Also covering your hair with a sweatband can be rea…


During this time, it's obvious most of us are stuck at home feeling all stressed out with everything happening, with coronavirus cases still going up daily in the country, not sure when it's gonna end, this can raise anxiety, stress and above all being stuck in the house without moving a lot can somehow add you a few kilos with the temptation of taking one meal after the other. However, working out will help you reduce anxiety as well as improve physical health, that's why I compiled a simple home workout guide for you as you start your exercise at home. 1. Find your motivation - I personally feel motivated by the kind of playlist I have /listen to during my workouts. It's very difficult for me to work out without music and that's my motivation. You can also be motivated because of the person who you get to workout with or even having a nice workout gear. Find that one thing that motivates you and make it part of your routine.
2. Have a schedule - At home, you might h…


Hello lovelies, hope y'all are doing fine. Been a long time coming and with all that's is going on with this pandemic, having to hold whatever needed to be done until things are back to whatever is really frightening, be it travelling to your dream destination or opening that business you've always wanted to start, personally I have experienced the fear of my dream not failing to come true, I don't know about you but I know most of us suffer from the same.
Fearing about the future can be really worrying and having anxiety about it becomes a challenge to deal with. After sharing this topic with a friend I realised that many people are also worrying about the prospect more than I thought, it is okay to worry about what might happen in future but also trying to overcome the fear is essential. When I realised this about myself, I decided to stop worrying and focus on gratitude on whatever comes, there were times I thought I would control everything but it was clearly not poss…